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Such a question can seem unbelievable. But because of waxing/shaving many people, especially young ones, have never seen a natural woman but always partially or fully epilated women.

If you speak French Momo wrote a very interesting about women's sexuality, very often ignored, mainly by themselves, http://poilagratter.over-blog.net/article-19869774.html and another one about smells, that are not always bad ! http://poilagratter.over-blog.net/article-29100910.html

You know the famous painting (Courbet, "l'origine du monde"), that caused a great chock at the time : 


This is still chocking today... and it represents just a minimalist vision of female genitals !

As the author Stephane Rose says, epilating "reduces" female genitals and, by extension, her sexuality and place in society. Therefore it is clearly an instrument of male domination. From the vast zone that it used to be it is slowly reducing to a small slit and we can (sadly) imagine that in the future it will become a simple hole...

 So the question is : what does complete female genitals really looks like ?

We are going to take a model, Sandra (from ATK) to show to all of you, but especially the young men and women, a real picture and the different hairs you can find on a woman. Because there is not only 1 type of pubic hairs but many and they are all part of the diversity of a woman's body. 


1 (green), the "famous" triangle of thick hairs

2 (light blue), softer hairs that go around the vulva and the anus

3 (red), a almost hair-free space on the groin.

4 (black), thin and short hairs, what bikini waxing/shaving removes first. Those particular hairs do not exist on men.

5 (yellow), hairs going from the "triangle" to the belly-button. Not all women have them.

So, as you can see, it's very different from men's hairs that is generally limited to a square on top of the penis. This repartition of hairs is the same on every woman (see the photos on the old blog for more example).

The empty space between the hairs n° 2 and 4 clearly evokes the design of a target. The end of the triangle pointing the direction of the outside part of the clitoris (often masked by end bits the hairs).

In case you didn't know before it is now quite clear that epilating equals suppressing a major part of women's eroticity....