Questionnaire for non shaved female


Form QF1

Answer this form if you’re female and don’t remove your body hair.


Important Questions


1. Do you object to me publishing any of your comments on my website?

2. Would you like me to let you know if I publish one of your responses on my site?

3. Would you like me to show your name and age if I choose to publish one of your responses on my site?


Optional Questions


Please state your first name:

Please state your age:

In what Country have you spent the most time residing?


Main Questions

Please take your time answering all the remaining questions. I would like to quote directly from your answers so please write in full sentences whenever possible.

Have you ever shaved (or removed your body hair in some other way)?

if No, go to B1

if Yes go to B2



1. Did you make a conscious decision not to remove your body hair or did it never come up?


if conscious – why did you make the decision not to remove your body hair?

if it never came up – why do you think the decision never came up?


2. Do you think your adolescence was more difficult than anyone else’s as a result of not shaving? Why/why not?



1. What were your reasons for shaving?

2. Did shaving address those reasons?

3. If you have any comments about your experience of being hairless, comment here:

4. Explain why you stopped shaving.

5. Explain how you felt when you stopped shaving.

6. What differences have you noticed since you stopped shaving in people around you and in yourself.



General Questions


1. Why do you think hairless women have become a social norm in the west, if not elsewhere as well?


2. Do you think women are under to pressure to have hairlessly smooth skin? If yes, explain your answer or use the following questions to expand your answer:

2a) Why do you think women are under pressure to be hairless?

2b) How much of the pressure do you think comes from :

  1. advertising, magazines, movies, T.V, etc?
  • specify :
  1. religions
  • specify :
  1. politics
  • specify :
  1. neighbours
  • specify :

2c) Does the pressure come more strongly from men or women, and why?


3. Do you think that most people share the same opinion about hair? Explain your answer.


4. Do you think that different ‘rules’ and opinions apply to different kinds of hair? Explain your answer.


5. Do you think there are hair stereotypes that apply to men? Explain your answer.


For the next three questions don’t forget that I want your personal opinion.


10. What messages do you think a shaved female body gives?


11. What messages do you think an unshaved female body gives?


12. What messages do you think a shaved head gives (apply the question to both genders, separately if necessary)?


Sharing your Wisdom


1. Please give a few words in support of hair. What do you like about it?


2. Do you know anything about the history of shaving?


3. What do you think a person should consider before making a final decision about whether to remove their body hair?


4. What advice would you give to someone who has stopped shaving very recently and is looking for ways to grow confident exposing their hair in public?

5. What hair removal advice would you give to someone who has decided to remove their body hair?




Has this questionnaire encouraged you to evaluate your opinion on hair?




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The information gathered through the hair questionnaires is being used to explore and demonstrate people’s opinions of and attitudes towards hair and hairlessness.


Please remember to specify whether or not you give permission for me to publish your comments on my website (see Important Questions).